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Ever wonder what it's like to create a comic book about true historical legends? Aaron Warner, creator of the True American Legend series, is sharing secrets! 


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It's been said no other woman in history has had more facts about her life twisted and falsified than American Legend Annie Oakley. Now learn the truth and mysterious past behind "America's first international superstar" Annie Oakley! Her real name, her unique weapons, and even her missed shots are revealed in this sensational first issue of True American Legend.


True American Legend

Issue #1, Annie Oakley


$9.99 Retail price each

$4.99 Wholesale cost each


$5.00 Museum profits per copy sold


  • Option 1.)

Minimum order of 100 copies costs the museum $499 (Free shipping)

Total sales of 100 copies: $999.

Projected museum profit after 100 copies sold: $500.


  • Option 2.)

Order and sell 500 copies, equals total sales of $4,995, and earns the museum: $2,500 profit.


  • Option 3.)

Order 1,000 copies, and receive an additional 100 FREE copies (total cost: $4,990).

This lowers the actual wholesale cost to only $4.54 per copy.

Earning the museum $5.45 per issue, for total sales of $10,989 and profiting $5,995.

Only this best deal offers an additional $995 in museum profit above other options.




Books are shipped within 21 days of order received. Balance due 30 days after order was shipped.  

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